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Very good website and very helpful, I know a lot about technology

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from this website I came to know a lot about technology, moreover this website has lots of categories that can allow us to read on one topic



the craziest technology news website, language that is easy to understand



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Art is something fragile, which disappears in an instant

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our news is always open to anyone who reads. Because our news does not present sensitive matters and only informs about technology.

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ofbyandfor is here to bring news about technology. Technology is all the tools needed by humans. The more advanced the times, the more advanced the technology. That’s why we are here to provide you with the latest information from technology, we also have 5 categories that you can choose and read.


We have 5 Categories

We created categories so that we can put different types of news into one category. It can also make it easier for you to read news on one topic.


What do you get from ofbyandfor ?

You get new information

you will get new information after reading our news. Because you will get technological information that makes you add new insights.

Know the latest news about technology

You will also quickly get information about technology and not miss the news

You are given tips and tricks

you will get tips and tricks about technology. Because we also provide tips and tricks in several articles.

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frequently asked questions

Is the news updated?

Yes, news from our website will always be updated if there is new information related to technology

Is it only news that is displayed?

No, we also provide tips and tricks in several articles

Is this website safe?

Our website is safe and will not steal information from you


Providing news about technology. The Best Part of Waking Up is Ofbyand for in Your Cup.

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