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About The Software

Software is data that is programmed, stored, and digitally formatted with a specific function. This device itself does not have a physical form, you can operate it via a computer. For its own manufacture, this device requires a programming language written by a programmer/person who is an expert in the field.

About The Programming

Programming is a process for creating programs on a computer. The program created can be in the form of software, websites, android applications, etc.


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About Network And Its Types

A group of connected computers that can share resources (such as printers or modems) and data. In a simple definition Network can connect every device to be able to connect with each other so that it can send information to the target.
Local area network (LAN) is a computer network created in a closed area. For example, in one building or in one room.
Metropolitan area network (MAN) uses the same method as LAN, but has a wider scope than LAN. The coverage area of a MAN can be as large as a city or larger.
Wide area network (WAN) coverage is greater than MAN. WAN can cover a country or even a continent.

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