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Exciting Revelations at Apple WWDC 2023

appless WWDC 2023 events took place recently, bringing a host of exciting announcements across various product categories. From new gadgets to operating system updates, here are the key highlights from the Apple WWDC 2023 event:



How to Conduct IoT Penetration Testing

IoT Penetration Testing is the need of time as modern society is completely surrounded and equipped with electronic gadgets, and as time goes on, our reliability on these devices will only grow. For example, we have switched to electronic fingerprint

The 6 Phases of Game Development

Building a game from scratch is easier said than done, as it takes more than a brilliant idea to transform a concept into a product. Game development is a complex industry and the process per se takes time, commitment, dedication,

How to Promote Your Brand Via Augmented Reality

Increasingly more companies leverage AR technology to enhance the liveliness of their services and products. Using augmented reality to promote your brand is no longer a marketing trend. It’s a full-blown strategy that removes the fantasy barrier, bringing customers closer

How edge takes a key role in business | ey

Despite the heavy adoption of cloud services, chief information officers are finding that data-intensive applications in areas like the internet of things, artificial intelligence, automation, augmented reality and virtual reality are not always a fit for centralized cloud models.

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