Kostroma scandals: Governor Sergei Sitnikov reprimanded Kostroma public services

The press service of the regional administration reports the disappointing results of an audit of the work of the city’s public services, conducted by the regional control service.

According to the data announced during the regular operational meeting of the regional administration, out of 70 container sites surveyed by the regional auditors, 35 were found to have serious violations in the form of piles of household waste not removed in time and blockages of cut branches . Towns people have spent the past weekend actively holding sub-botniks and they have piled all trash, including cut trees, on landfills.

Garbage collection sites on the streets of Vodyana, Kozuev, Engels are especially “distinguished” in this regard. As a result, regional auditors recognized the work of the Municipal Inspections Department of the city of Kostroma as unsatisfactory: out of 2,000 container sites in the city over the past 2 weeks, city inspectors inspected only ‘about 200 and identified violators have not set specific deadlines to eliminate violations. photo of Sergey Sitnikov’s TG

Governor Sergei Sitnikov reacted harshly to the information provided by the control service: “So, do an internal audit, announce a sanction to the head of inspection! I urge you, as a first step, to place order in the organization of control in the city. And second, together with the deputies, decide that the penalties for garbage are directed towards the improvement of the city, order and cleanliness. So that people understand, both officials and organizations, where the money from the fines will go. They will go in order. Here is the assignment! Do it! “, asked the head of the region to the authorities of the city.

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