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On the completion of 25 years of the Nationalist Congress Party, party chief Sharad Pawar on Saturday announced the appointment of Prapul Patel and Supriya Sule as working presidents in front of his nephew Ajit Pawar, giving a realization that the party will have what it wants. After the announcement of this decision by Sharad Pawar, it was natural for Ajit Pawar’s disappointment to come to the fore.

In fact, in 1999, when Sharad Pawar, PM Sangma and Tariq Anwar raised the issue of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign origin, a wave of protest against them rose in the Congress and as a result all three left the Congress and formed the Nationalist Congress Party ( NCPs). But a few days later, when the Maharashtra assembly elections were held and no party got a clear majority, the Congress and the NCP formed an alliance and formed the government.

After this, sometimes both the parties used to fight together and sometimes they used to fight separately and form an alliance after the elections, but despite being separated, they used to come together for power. At present, there is a rapid churning in the party on the situation ‘after’ Sharad Pawar. A few days ago, when Sharad Pawar announced his resignation from the post of President, there was widespread anger and anger among the workers.

It is believed that even at that time Sharad Pawar wanted Ajit Pawar to realize his status in the party. The reason was that at that time there was a discussion that Ajit Pawar along with his supporting MLAs was going to join the BJP-Shiv Sena (Shide) government coalition.

Even at that time, Sharad Pawar was displeased that Ajit could tarnish his image by repeating 2019. That’s why by announcing his resignation from the post of party president, he thought it necessary to make it feel that no one else has any status in the party during his tenure. Even on Saturday, he made Ajit Pawar realize that as long as he is there, NCP belongs to him, whatever Ajit may think. The biggest question is whether Ajit Pawar is now in a position to sabotage the party? The answer is a very clear ‘no.’ There is no possibility of any subversion in the NCP until the 2024 assembly elections but it is also true whether Ajit and his son will remain in the party or take a different path, it is in the womb of the future.

The reality is that the only problem with dynastic parties is that sons and daughters are given more priority than brothers and nephews. The same has happened in NCP also, Ajit Pawar is nephew and Supriya Sule is daughter, so there should be no surprises at Pawar’s daughter’s prom. Pawar has handed over his legacy to his daughter, so it is natural for politics to happen. (sp)

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