MeWe opening up profiles for web view without an account

On July 1st, Elon Musk announced that Twitter would be closing its users’ profile from view on the web, if you do not have a Twitter account. Since Twitter’s launch, profiles and Tweets could be seen by anyone, even without an account. Musk attributed the move to a rash of data scrapping that Twitter is trying to get a handle on. MeWe, an alternative social network that I, personally, use and where we have a considerable following, has announced the polar opposite.

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MeWe has always been a closed ecosystem and you always need an account to view MeWe posts and pages. Privacy is what this social media player has always pushed, so this is a change for them. Requiring an account to view a social media platform’s content isn’t new, many are still doing this. So, given MeWe’s stance on privacy, it was interesting to see them make this move. Here’s what the company says on its Official MeWe Group Page.

Hello again!

Continuing with our series of posts about the exciting changes coming to MeWe, today we’re digging into the topic of profiles being visible on the internet.

You heard that right! We are opening up MeWe to allow others to see your profile on the web even if they aren’t a user. Specifically, they’ll be able to see that you have a MeWe profile, your name, your username, how many followers and followers you have and how many posts you’ve made. If you’ve chosen to make your profile public, they will also be able to see your last five posts. This will make it easier than ever to grow your community and allow other like minded individuals to find you.

This is a big shift for us and we want to assure you that our commitment to privacy has not wavered. This change is intended to expand MeWe’s reach and make it a more fun and engaging experience but we will never share your personal information or data.

More information about all of the above will soon be available on our FAQ page.

Stay tuned for more updates coming later this week!


MeWe Social Network Techaeris

This should be interesting. While I’m not sure MeWe users will benefit from this, I do think MeWe Pages would benefit from this. Consider our own Techaeris MeWe Page, if it was more accessible to internet search, that could potentially bring us more traffic and more possible users to the MeWe platform.

We’ve enjoyed using the platform, though if I have one criticism, it is that the company has closed comments on its official group page. I’m sure users would love to be able to leave feedback on those posts, rather than creating their own posts and discussing it away from the original post. I’d love to see the company open comments for more feedback.

We shall see where this leads the platform.

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