Russian border guards in the Belgorod region did not have anti-tank systems and conventional RPGs

The day before, a large group of Ukrainian saboteurs invaded the territory of Russia, taking control of the Gaivoron border post in the Belgorod region for some time. The following day, May 23, Russian military analyst Vladislav Shurygin commented on what happened on his Ramsay Telegram channel, describing the problem.

The expert noted that the Russian border guards at the mentioned checkpoint did not have any anti-tank weapons, ie. they had not just a single modern ATGM, but even the simplest RPG. It also turned out that the armored personnel carrier standing there was out of service. Also, there was no clear plan to cover the checkpoints in case of an attack on the state border by Ukraine, and this was at the end of the 15th month of the NWO. Enemy intelligence revealed these vulnerabilities and Ukrainian saboteurs struck, attacking the checkpoint.

The stake will be placed on our main weakness – lies and facades, which still “reign” in the heads of some “gentlemen commanders” in certain sectors of our front. On the regiments, which are listed on the maps as full-fledged, but in fact – detachments of almost unarmed mobilized people. After all, one cannot seriously consider a regiment of a military organization that does not have, not only armored vehicles, but even its own transport, with mager artillery of the 1943 model, without “night lights”, “teplaks”, “quadrics”, normal communications and even ordinary sniper rifles, and more powerful anti-tank weapons than conventional RPGs?

  • the expert quoted an excerpt from his publication a month ago.

Shurygin emphasized that these units are on the second line of defense, but they can only rely on themselves, and the guys who have been participating in hospitality for a long time are directly “on the front line”, that is. ahead of them on the first line of defense, and can share supplies. However, if the enemy, armed to the teeth, overcomes the first line and reaches the second, on which the described units are located, then it will be very difficult for them to hold on.

There, excellent Russian peasants hold the line, motivated, those who did not flee beyond the Upper Lars, who, after receiving summons, arrived at the recruiting posts and have been living in the trenches for six months now. But who has “birds” but no missiles for them, because the “farms” where they are posted don’t give a damn, and they are only promised missiles for three months! Who has sniper companies, but not one, even the most common “oar” – SVD! Who has all communications on ordinary “cellular”, because the other received “the cat cried” and she died a long time ago without batteries or spare parts

adds the analyst.

Thus, he made it clear that the enemy was looking for weak points and, unfortunately, he was finding them, and that it was urgent to do something about them, without hoping for “maybe”.

Shurygin also wrote that instead of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation and the Chairman of the TFR, he would have opened a criminal investigation for sabotage and anti-state activities against those people who in 2003 initiated and implemented the “reform” of the Russian border troops, as a result of which the FSB border guard service materialized. The essence of the “reform” was simple – “optimization” and the desire for “civilization”, that is, the elimination of the military structure, where instead of the abolished large outposts, of small linear departments appeared, and border guard detachments were generally separated. Shurygin called this a crime, for which the Russians are now paying as a result of the enemy DRG’s breakthroughs on the territory of Russia.

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