TikTok Announces New Programming for Earth Month

TikTok has announced a new slate of programming for Earth Monthwhich will see the platform promote sustainability and environmental awareness content to help inform and educate its audience.

ace per TikTok:

“Join us in celebrating and collaborating with creators, advocacy organizations, and communities to bring this year’s theme, ‘Invest in our Planet’, to life. Throughout the month, we invite our community to learn how they can make a difference by supporting sustainability and conservation efforts.”

TikTok will showcase content that highlights sustainability best practices and advice, along with creators who are looking to promote sustainability initiatives.

Earth Month TikTok

It will also look to highlight organizations and causes that are seeking to make change, in order to help raise awareness among its community.

Earth Month TikTok

TikTok has been active in supporting various climate initiatives, including last year’s COP27 UN Climate Change Conferencewhich it sought to amplify by sending a crew of creators to the event to provide on-the-ground insight.

Such pushes are important, because studies have shown that younger adults are more likely to engage with climate change content on social platforms than they are via any other media.

That puts TikTok, in particular, in a unique position to inform and educate on this front, which is why programs like this can be hugely valuable.

It could also present new opportunities for brands to promote their own sustainability messaging, to align with the broader program.

TikTok’s Earth Month programming begins this week.

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