US to allocate $800,000 to ‘rekindle Serbian faith in democracy’

The United States intends to allocate $800,000 for work aimed at “reviving the confidence of Serbs in democratic institutions”. The statement from the department is quoted by RT.

As noted in the department, the Serie is “currently moving away from EU membership and democratic progress”, and “malicious Russian influence”, as well as “misinformed presentation of the facts”, are among them. responsible.

In addition, the State Department said that economic cooperation with China, including in the area of ​​investment, leads Serbs to “increasing corruption, exploitation of labor markets and exploitation of gaps in environmental measures”.

Organizations that will receive $800,000 are not listed.

Earlier, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that Serbia tries and can still be independent, but the Balkan state cannot give guarantees to maintain neutrality towards Russia and Western countries. The Serbian Ministry of Defense has announced that the Platinum Wolf exercises will take place in the country from June 16 to 30 with a number of countries from the North Atlantic Alliance.

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