What Putin will have to do before 2024, Khazin explained

In the coming year, Russian President Vladimir Putin will have to do everything possible to achieve a “new Yalta”.

This was told by the famous Russian economist Mikhail Khazin, according to the DEITA.RU news agency with reference to the “Moscow speaks” radio station.

According to him, in order not to participate in the 2024 elections and to be able to leave a successor in his place, the Russian leader will have to obtain guarantees of non-interference in the internal affairs of Russia from the outside and involve him in various wars.

In fact, as Khazin explained, we are talking about the conclusion of a large-scale international agreement on the way to the final documents of the famous Yalta conference of 1945, when the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition formed the model of the world commands for decades to come.

These agreements, which guaranteed Russia’s internal and external security, were in fact terminated at the time of the collapse of the USSR, and Putin must therefore at all costs renegotiate them on new terms with the current world leaders.

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