‘Decapitate Terfs’ signs at pro-trans rally attended by SNP politicians

The Equality Network, a leading pro-trans organization that backs the SNP gender reforms, said on Sunday that personal abuse and threats of violence were “not acceptable”.

However, it faced a backlash after adding that this was applied to “any side of any debate”, with women claiming to fail to acknowledge that violent threats were far more common among its supporters.

At another pro-trans rally in Dundee at the weekend, an SNP councilor, Lynne Short, drew comparisons between the current debate over trans rights and the Holocaust.

Annie Wells, the Tory MSP, said: “To invoke the Holocaust and Nazi atrocities as a means of criticizing those who hold legitimate concerns about the impact of Nicola Sturgeon’s GRR Bill on women’s safety and rights is beneath contempt.

“Lynne Short’s remarks have no place in mainstream political discourse and so I would urge Nicola Sturgeon to remove her from the SNP.”

In reference to the Glasgow “decapitate Terfs” sign, a Police Scotland spokesman said: “We received a report regarding a sign which was displayed during a rally on Buchanan Street, Glasgow on Saturday, 21 January 2023. Inquiries are ongoing.”

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