Top 7 Online Business in Pakistan without Investment

Last Updated on February 24, 2023 by Ali Abbas

Starting an Online Business in Pakistan is Very Easy. You can start a business with investment or without investment. With this Online Business in Pakistan Ideas are Blogging, YouTubers, Affiliated Marketing, Online Teaching, and Video Editing Skills will know in this Article. I will tell you the best Online Business Ideas without Investment with little skill.

Top 7 Online Business in PakistanTop 7 Online Business in Pakistan

Now I will discuss them one by one.


I think Blogging is the best Online Business Idea to Make money. Both students and housewives can start free blogging with Google Blogspot and also you can start paid blogging with WordPress to get hosting from any company. when you start blogging, latterly you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense. If you are A Niche or Micro Niche website, you can start Affiliated Marketing in Pakistan with your Free or WordPress blog.

Video Editing

This is a Top Skill with little effort, you can make money with Video Editing. You can download Free Video Editing Software From Google after downloading Start Learning. Give 3 months to learn any skill and after you can create video editing gigs on free-lancing Websites like Fiverr, Guru, Freelancer, Upwork, or Other related Services. You need a laptop or computer with some equipment and software to start your career in video editing services. Best Free Video Editing Software are Adobe Premier Pro, Capcut, Adobe After Works, and Final Cut X Pro.

YouTube Channels

This is the best Online Business in Pakistan To Start Your YouTube channel without Any Investment. You can customize your YouTube channel with little knowledge. This is Big Market to Start your Career As YouTuber. You can upload Video and Start Monetizing after completing YouTube Channel Monetization Criteria.

According to Analytics Website, Most Trending Niches for YouTube channels are Short-Form Videos, Live Videos, Toys/Gaming/Consumer Product reviews. Also, you Can start Your Vlog Channel On YouTube.

Affiliate Marketing

You Can start Affiliated Marketing with Any Topic. You can get affiliate Links from Amazon because Amazon World the No.1 Seller Website in the World where people buy Products. If A Customer buys Products through your Affiliated links, you can earn a commission. You can start Affiliated marketing in Pakistan with Daraz, Markaz App, or Lootlo website. You can sign up for Affiliated Account and Start Selling to Earn commission after selling products.

Online Teaching

This is another Great Ideas to Start Online Business in Pakistan list. If you have a Master’s Degree in Any discipline, you can start your Online teaching Journey without any investment. You can join Tutorme, skooli,, cheggtutors, Wize. This is the best Online Business in Pakistan growing slowly.

Social Media Management

This is Another Best Online Business in Pakistan. If you don’t have Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram, and Whatsapp, then you must be living in Forest areas. You know that Billions of People around the world are using these websites 24 Horus A day. Social Media Management is Reall Online Business in Pakistan. You can start this with a little investment and start earning in Pakistan in US$ Dollars.

Online Cooking Business with Food Panda

Online cooking business with FoodaPanda is awesome if you are cooking delicious food. You can register with Foodapanda and Start Food Business in your Own Areas / Cities. For a woman, you can start a cooking business with foodpanda company. At the start, you didn’t earn more money. When you continue to work with the best delivery time, best food recipes, you can get more customers and get more profit.

This is best Selling Business Idea in Pakistan.

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